Burning Castle Zagyg

The Ruins Above...

Our unnamed adventurer made his way to the castle, finding the bandits in charge of the gatehouse unwilling to let him enter without payment. Being broke, he scoured the local woodland and brought down a buck that, cleaned and dressed, secured his entry to the castle and a warning about the “gobs” in the first courtyard. After some exploration, our hero made his way into the passage leading to the gardens.

Near to the pile of skulls he was ambushed by a goblin, but quick reflexes and a desperate shot from his bow killed the fiend!
Carrying his new knife, the Goblin long knife he then was ambushed by a starving grave-ghoul. Despite being clawed viciously, he did not succumb to the ghoul’s paralysing touch and dispatched the undead horror, only to then stumble upon 3 mummies in a nearby crypt!


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